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She was in a forest. A real one, on earth. It was dark, twilight, the air feeling cool against her skin. She moved slowly, not bothering to wonder why she was there. She had something to do. Some purpose there. Someone to find.
She heard sounds, animals, the far off noises of the city and the school. Her head raised. Those sounds meant humans, and she needed to find them.
Stupid humans.
Moving quicker, she saw the outline of the school. Huge and bricked to keep danger away from it's precious students, young humans.
Humans were no better than animals. Her father had taught her that.
Out of the trees now, she slid through the back door, and slammed it shut.
Footsteps, loud and echoing in her keen hearing, thundered towards her. The room was pitch black, but she could see everything. Another door on the far end of room slid open, and a human hurried in.
"Hey! Who are you, students aren't supposed to-"
She smiled slightly, and lifted her hand. "Shut up." The man stared at her, then gasped as black smoke filled her palm, and thrust itself at the human.
The smoke wrapped itself around the human's head, and the man let out a yell of terror.
She simply smiled, stepped around him as he fell to his knees, trying to pull of the black stuff now covering his nose and mouth.
"Thanks for opening the door for me," she murdered softly, and snapped her fingers. The smoke slowly disentangled itself from the human, who now lay quite still and silent on the floor, and slithered back into her palm. She smiled again and walked into Kadic Academy.
"She has to be there somewhere."
His eyes threatening to close and his heart in his throat, Jeremie once again started the scan of Lyoko. The other three had went back a while ago, all promising to ask around, look in the dorms, looking anywhere they could, to find Aelita.
Jeremie had stopped looking at the clock hours ago.
"She's gotta...gotta be here." Fear mixed with exhaustion, and Jeremie sleepily glared at the computer. "Don't tell me 'all clear'!" He snapped at the computer, still scanning Lyoko. "She has to be there. She couldn't of just walked off on her own, not in the state she was in."
Yeah, muttered a smug voice in his head. When was the last time you got to be that close, huh? When she was that clingy?
"Shut it," Jeremie muttered to himself, ignore the reminder. "That doesn't matter. She would...she wouldn't ever..." Jeremie sighed, then with only last mutter, he lost the battle and slumped against the keyboard, fast asleep.
He was warm. That's the first thing he noticed. His arms wrapped around a pillow, Jeremie smiled. Nice and warm. And soft.
The pillow moved against him, and sighed.
Jeremie's eyes opened. And went wide.
Aelita. Beautiful, perfect Aelita, was snuggled against him, fast asleep, her head resting against his chest. He could see her perfectly, even though his glasses weren't on. His heart jumped in his chest and suddenly all his nerves seemed to be full of sparks. She was so lovely. Not wanting to wake her up, he started to pull his hands away.
She moved, her eyes still closed, and one small hand took his to guide it back where it had been before, on her waist. Jeremie felt his face flush. What the...
"mmm...." She snuggled closer again.
So perfect, muttered a voice in his head. Jeremie nodded, smiling. So beautiful. So weak. So breakable.
Jeremie blinked, frowned. No, wait, Aelita wasn't weak. She was just as brave as any of the others.
"Not really." Aelita nuzzled under his chin, speaking in her sleep. "Not really brave, not really strong. Just yours."
Jeremie's eyes widened and froze. What had she just-
"Weak and fragile and useless. But yours. All yours." She snuggled even closer, her arms snaking up to wrap around his neck. "You know that, don't you? It's all you want, right? For me to be yours, useless and foolish? Always?"
"Aelita?" Jeremie tried to move away, but his arms wouldn't move. No, they pulled her closer even as he wanted to stop, to move away. Aelita's arms around his neck went tighter.
"Isn't that what you want, Jeremie? Me?" Finally, her eyes slid open, and looked into his. Horror filled his heart, yet he couldn't stop holding her. Couldn't let go.
The green was gone. Three circles, the middle filled with blood red, centered in the eyes gazing temptingly up at him.
She smiled warmly, as if she couldn't feel him struggling, or hear his gasping pleas. "Isn't it, Jeremie?"
He couldn't breathe, her arms were too tight around his neck, yet he still couldn't move. She was leaning closer, about to kiss him.
"Jeremie? Isn't that what you want? Isn't it, Jeremie?"
Jeremie's head shot up, his eyes flying open.
He was still in the factory, still at the super computer. Wild-eyed, gasping for breath as if he had been strangled, Jeremie spun in his chair, fumbling for his glasses.
Odd and Ulrich stood there, both in their pajamas, their expressions shocked.
"What?!" Jeremie snapped, still breathing heavily. "Did you find Aelita?"
"Something werid's happening at the school," Ulrich stared, shaking his head, but Odd cut him off.
"Einstein, somebody was murdered at Kadic" he said, his eyes still wide and hollow with fear. "Somebody's dead."
At least her head didn't hurt anymore. Actually, she couldn't feel much of anything.
Aelita blinked slowly, blinked again. Where her eyes still closed? Where was she?
Everything was pitch black.
"Hello?" Instead of echoing back to her, like it should have done, her voice seemed to be swallowed up by the darkness. "Jeremie?"
No answer, no echo. A strange, nameless fear began to creep into her hurt. Was she still in the factory? Where was Jeremie?
"Hello?" She called again, a little louder. For a moment, there was simply silence.
A soft laugh, unfamiliar and almost inaudible, drifted to her ears.
Aelita's head snapped up.
"Who's there?"
No answer except for the sound of movement, clothing rustling as someone moved closer. Panic was reared up in her head and she tried to move.
Pain, sudden and unexpected, burst through her. Aelita cried out and went still.
The chuckle came again, much closer.
"What's wrong, little sister? Don't like being bound?"
The voice was strange, female, and somehow familiar now. Silky, soft, dangerous, mocking.
"It's alright, little Princess, at least what's binding you now won't steal away your precious memories."
Memories. Bound.
XANA. The Skyphazoa. Was she on Lyoko? Aelita gasped and tried to move again. The pain burst, and she cried out, trying to fight what ever was holding her. If she could just get her energy field to work, she could blast what ever thing was holding her-
"Now, be a good little fool and stay still." The voice was moving farther away again. "I'll say hello to your boyfriend again, shall I?"
Aelita's eyes widened in terror. Jeremie. No.
"Wait! Stop! Who are you?!"
Nothing, not even her own voice echoed back at her.
Thanks to Southern-Writer for helping me unblock my writers block!! ^^ I hope this is alright. More to come, hopefully by tonight!! Thanks for reading!! ^^
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SouthernWriter2 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This was awesome! Thanks for using my tip with the murder. Also, I really liked how you said Jeremy knew it was not really Aelita because he knew she was strong and brave rather than weak. Please, don't make Aelita a damsel in distress. Let her be her true badass self.
Lovely-Madness-13 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Exactly!! He still really wants to be her knight in shinning armor, but he can't help but respect and admire her for how far she's come. And she's so freaking cool as a badass. ^^ And thank you for the tip! It helped alot.
SouthernWriter2 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My favorite moment of the whole show was when Aelita generated a HUGE energy field and blasted XANA-William with it. I love badass Aelita. None of that first season wimpy elf stuff.
Lovely-Madness-13 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
O.O Which episode was that?!
My personal favorite bit was when she stole Odd's overboard and turned Lyoko into a skatepark. ^^ And she beat four or five hornets before she even had an offical weapon.
Aelita PWNS.
SouthernWriter2 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The episode before "Maiden Launch" it was when Jeremy was calibrating the Skid but XANA attacked with William so they had to protect the Skid.
Lovely-Madness-13 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I gotta find that on youtube. What number is, do you know?
SouthernWriter2 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
not sure. I do know it was the one before they first used the Skid in the Digital Sea. It may have been the third or fourth episode of season 4.
Lovely-Madness-13 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, thanks. ^^ I might do some hunting. Right now I'm fighting with Dual Image. ^^;
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